About Us:
Our belief in the development and information technology and its importance in our lives …

Express Training Company supports this rule since 1999.

This company was based on results of the combined efforts and long experiences of group of experts in their respective fields in order to provide the best services and solutions and proposals for computer.
So the company based a Maintenance department.

And now at the beginning of 2010 the company developed the department to be an integrated Service center supervised by qualified international experts with a group of engineers with experience and high efficiency.

Our Mission:
Create a role model of a newly established computer company that uses strategic thinking and strategic management tools for planning the business and is distinguished from other competitors in the computer company industry in Egypt region through quality of products and services while assuring good return to owners shareholders and inspiration to employees.

We have been working in the technology field for more than 12 years.

Our knowledge of these technologies is that we have a deep insight in to the working of the different components in any solution.

Our Partners: