IP Camera

Imagine that you are having a business trip or traveling to another country. You are in the hotel room, and you start to worry that Your Hospital, company, Store ,Factory, Hotel What Ever Your Kind Of Business and u need to follow up your stuff or Give Him Any Instructions or to check something around or For Security and Safety Reasons. You may want to call them, but you can not see them. If there is an IP camera installed in your Hospital, company, Store, Factory Hotel, you can then check if your Stuff are working well. You are not lonely anymore in the hotel room. IP cameras could be used in multiple purposes and applications. Because of the easy installation and easy usage and with the help of Wired or wireless interface .

IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera IP Camera

Video Door Phone System
Wireless Video Indoor Phone - OP-D03 Wireless Video Indoor Phone - OP-D6A4M

Size:140×85×20mm . NW: 200G .
3.5 inch TFT LCD screen .
2.4G ISM digital public frequency .
Effective range would be in free field 300 meters .
Built-in backup battery for indoor phone .
Maximum 2 cameras and 4 monitors at same time in a system .

7 inch color screen with clear and sharp view .
Humanized design of panel , easy to operate .
Automatic take image , stores pictures automatically .
Time and date display function .
Adjustable brightness , color and volume .
1 GB memory card .

Wireless System - OP-D03 Video door phone for Villa - OP-D6A7-B
OP-D03 OP-D6A7-B

Size: 140×85×20mm; NW: 200g; Views: 750
3.5 inch TFT LCD screen;
2.4G ISM digital public frequency;
Effective range would be in free field 300 meters;
Built-in backup battery for indoor phone;
Maximum 2 cameras and 4 monitors at same time in a system
On screen display manual.

Size: 225×196×55mm; NW: 660g; Views: 325

1.Two way communication
2.Remote unlock
4.Inner calling
5.Adjustable brightness, color and contrast
6.Adjustable talk volume
7.Changeable chord melody (3 tones)
8.Adjustable ring tone volume
9.Exclusive signal function
10.Auto shutdown

Outdoor station for villa
Outdoor Station

Metal stonewashed and wire drawing panel
Strong explosion , dust, and water proof
Embedded IR camera with wide vision
Talk with human voice , will feel safer
Recommended to be used in villas and offices
Alloy panel with sandblasting craft digital style
LED indicator ,easy to operate even at night
System just needs one RF cable
Strong anti-jamming
Long distance transmission
Superior in defending lightning and disturbing